Battery grease “GB12” 150 ml


G.B. 12 contains a built-in indicator
which automatically detects the acid.
G.B. 12 prolongs the life of batteries and
protects them.
G.B. 12 makes it possible to eliminate muds,
grease and corrosion.
G.B. 12 controls the excess of acid
on the battery.
For a new and clean battery:
Pulverize G.B. 12 on the top and the sides of
the battery.
Protect terminals by leaving a good thickness
there from grease. Apply a protective film to the
fixing parts, buttons in order to avoid any corrosion.
Dirty and corroded battery:
Brush in order to eliminate the deposits
accumulated on the terminals.
Pulverize G.B. 12 on the top and the sides.
Let act 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse abundantly with
water and wipe

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