Dual Fishing Pole 2 Rod Spreader Outrigger Boat Trolling Dredge Teaser Holder 316.Material:Marine Grade Stainless Steel


316.Material: Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
A series of stainless steel Snapper rod holders, the Snapper Rod Holder offers anglers the flexibility and ease of maneuvering their rod in 2 directions.
Insert to existing Flush Mount Rod Holder Base has a molded cross section to eliminate swivel within the boat .
This double stainless steel stabilizing rod holder is the best and most economical way to increase your trolling spread.
1 rod holder widen your trolling on the side of the boat
The rod holder tube has a 20 degree angle to the water
2 rod holder Trolling from the back of the boat
The rod holder tube has a 30 degree angle to the water
Wider spread means less trolling tangles and more fish in the boat.
Mirror polished 316L stainless steel construction
Includes 48″ nylon safety strap and quick release reel clip (48″ is long enough to get the rod in and out of the holder without having to remove the safety clip first).
equipped with 2 vinyl liners: 1-5/8″ ID

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