Electric Toilet Flush Control 12V


This panel switch is used to control the flush of any TMC electric toilets. Equipped with seals for water-splash proof. Built-in 40A Relay circuit loop design protects the electric toilet against instant high current caused by sudden start or abnormal impeller friction.
The built-in Micro IC control system offers two flush options-full flush or half flush and preset timed operation. Full flush lasts for 10 seconds and delivers 2 liters of water into the bowl. Half flush lasts for 5 seconds and delivers 2 liters of water in the bowl. During flush operation, if the user touches either of the switches, the operation will base on the last command to flush again. (ex. Flush runs for 3 seconds and the user touches the Full Flush switch again, the operation will return to the start and continue to flush for another 10 seconds). Injection-molded plastic control panel with the stylish curved front fascia. Maximum durability corrosion resistance PC/ABS Alloy surface UV-proof and temperature stable feature. Operated by -way rocker switch with two flush operations and center off position. For additional safety a maximum 40 amp built in relay circuit helps protect the electric toilet against high current surges caused by excessive impellor friction or sudden start up surge.
Quick inspection style fuse holder. Turn to release for use fuse replacement. Boxed 6-fuse package (30A x 6pcs) /DC 12V
included for replacement purpose.

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