Eva Foam Teak Dark Gray+ black 240x90x0.6cm


EVA environmental protection materials, non-toxic, more safer
Self-adhesion, strong glue at the back, easy to installation
Easy to be cut to fit nearly any surface on a boat where non-skid, or protection for the boat’s surface
Provides a non-slippery surface for your boat in both wet&dry conditions
Easy to maintain, can be pressure washed
Boat flooring, Yacht flooring, Marine mat, Rv flooring, Swimming pool flooring, Garden flooring, etc….
Installation instructions:
1. Clean the installation area with cleaning agent and clean cloth, ensure the installation area is fully clean and dry.
2. If there is any gluewater, grease, oil, adhesive or other dirty on the surface of installation, please clean their with mineral essential oil, and then using acetone to remove that.
Also, ensure the installation area is fully clean and drying.
3. Put the EVA sheet on the area which you want to decorate, carefully cut it from middle of back glue, take care do not cut the EVA sheet.
4. Using 2” tape fix the one side of EVA sheet on the installation area, and then showly rip the back glue, pressure the EVA sheet on the installation area.

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