Jigging fishing reel saltwater , slow pitch fishing jigging reel Max Drag 30kg Gear ratio 6.3:1


100% Excelently CNC Machined Perfectly Anodized Jigging Game Reel
Equiped anti-corrosion stainless steel shielded bearing, carrying copper gears give you smooth dependable , silent performance
he jigging reel features a clicker line casting alarm , which emits a big ” tick” sound. when the clicker opens, the reel will automatically turn on the anti-reversal system. the spool will no longer reverse while fishing with extremely high drag and make the reel durable and reliable.
Equipped with an anti-thermal ceramic guide ring and steady and smooth stainless steel worm shaft , keeps the fishing line always be in perfect condition especially when high-speed line casting.
the reset wind line quide keeps the synchronicity entierely and helps to protect the fishing line and gears from domage.
you will love NS serie reels up to 70lbs-77lbs of drag equiped with multi-disc carbon fiber drag washers , through a high drag set, both lever and handle are still perfectly fluent.
The carbon drag delivers a wide range, smooth performance even when the reel is bathed in salt for hours ( every days) for exceptionally smooth, stong and reliable drag.

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