MATTCO Teak Sealer 4L


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Since 1983, MATT CHEM has been a creator of maintenance products and concepts for industrial and marine applications. Specialities and solutions proposed by MATT CHEM, conform to the legal requirements, notably the EEC regulatory requirements in respect of biodegradability and ecotoxicity which requires rigorous selection of the raw materials.
A SEALER, WHAT IT IS ? A sealer is a product 2 in 1 allowing to nourrish and protect the teak. It is thus an oil and a saturator. Its technical characteristics are : – Water-repellent « waterproof» – Oil-repellent – Anti-U.V protection – Nourishing – Long-lasting
MATTCO is used pur. Apply to the paint brush on a cleaned, dusted and perfectly dry teak. Well shake the bottle before use. Apply a 1st uniform and regular thin coat in the direction of the wood at an ambient temperature of minimum 15°C. Wait for fifteen minutes and apply a 2nd coat always in the direction of the wood. Under normal circumstances the teak should be dry to the touch in 30 minutes approximately. The maximal protection is effective after 12 hours at a room temperature of 20°C (Cool and damp weather slows down the time of drying) Indicative coverage : +/- 10 m2 per litre.

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