Passivnet rust remover 1 litre


PASSIVNET is a colorless, acidic liquid used for degreasing, derusting and passivation of ferrous metal surfaces.
It also provides superior adhesion of prints and increases the corrosion resistance of anti-rust paints which complete this treatment.
PASSIVNET is used on the stainless steel balconies of boats, stainless steel cables, rigging, ironwork, chains, anchors,
fittings, chain plates, tools, …
PASSIVNET is particularly recommended for the preparation of cold-rolled steel sheets and on all ferrous surfaces that you want to protect temporarily.
PASSIVNET superficially transforms the metal into a very adherent microcrystalline layer which temporarily protects it against corrosion.
This action is added to that of top coat paints and thus increases their hold.

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