Plastic Flexible, Split Conduit Black 25x38mm


This type of conduit features a split which allows the conduit to be easily installed on pre-installed wiring.
• The material compound that the conduit is made from is polypropylene (PP), the characteristics of this material are what make it the perfect choice for your conduit.
It has a very high melting point (-40 deg C to + 120 deg C, which is why it’s used frequently in such things such as making microwave containers.
PP does not react to detergents, water or acids which means it won’t break or corrode easily.
This material is prone to not cracking, and offers great durability in daily wear and tear.
• When the split conduit is used to overlap onto another that may be damaged, the innovative interlocking design creates a tight seal, giving protection for the cables within.
No other material is needed to offer this superior strength.

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