Tent Clip ( 2pcs )


Feature:1. the serrated teeth of this fixed tent clamp can bite the tent firmly and steadily.
2. It is mainly used for the tent whose end is overlocking. If you cut the tent, the end of which is not overlocking, with this fixed tent clip, it is easier to loosen, as it is just a single layer fabric and the clip is uneven to fix.
3. as for the tent whose end is overlocking, this clip can withstand great traction and will not be released.
At the same time, the damage to the fabric due to this clip is small.
4. When you need to fix the tent or wind rope, you just need to take this fixed clip and fix it anywhere you want to fix it.
Secure your camping accessories freely and bring you security.
5. the wind blows and the sun shines. You are putting up the tent. When you are finished, you are still a little concerned as the wind is a little strong.
Then you take out the fixed clip tent and then use it to staple your tent. It is so easy and convenient.

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