Trolling 2 Speed Topline 30W Big Game


100% Excelently CNC Machined Perfectly Anodized Tuna Game Reel
Saltwater Trolling Reel 2 Speed . Yellowfin Tuna Game Reel 50W Silky Smooth
Finish is nice, gears are nicely cut and run smooth, drag is powerful, handle is comfortable, bearings are smooth and stainless.
SOLID, POWERFUL & SMOOTH: Marine Level Stainless Steel Gears Kit, Cold-forged Aero-Aluminum Machined, HT100 Carbon Drag Washer, Maxt Strike
Ranging From 50lbs Up to 85lbs Covering Most Sea Monsters Fishing
2 Speed Gears
DECENT: 100% Excelently CNC Machined, Perfectly Anodized
RELIABLE: Tested In The Market For More Than 10 Years
Game reels have peformed their great jobs well. , no matter inshore flat fishing, or offshore for shark.
The 2 speed reels allow you to retrieve the line quickly in a high speed gear if a fish runs toward the boat and then shift to a low gear when they go down and you need to pump them up.
Two Speed ratio:
Hight speed: 3.6:1
Low speed: 1.6:1
Carbon AXR Drag
High drag help you catch the big fish easily
guarantee; 1 year

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