Water Pump 24v – 20.8LPM


Water Pump 24v 5.5galons – 20.8LPM
Pressure protection can choose pressure switch power-off protection and return switch protection, and
power control can choose without pressure protection device
●Working mode: Intermittent work (continuous working time is different under different working pressures)
●Can be used for general water transfer, sprayer pumps, small rain system, or other industry usage (Liquid with weak acid & alkaline is ok)
●Strong self-priming ability
●Rubber feet effectively reduce vibration
●Low power consumption
●Runs dry without damage
●Easy to install and operate
●Suits Caravan, Camper, Marine, Home, Garden
Main uses: pressurization of yacht water supply system, pressurization of water supply system of RV, pressurization
of water supply system of motor car, large electric sprayer, vehicle-mounted sprayer, washing machine, heater, water
dispenser, medical equipment and other equipment that needs to be pressurized

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