A Vented Loop is an anti-siphon device. It is placed in the line above the water line and allows air in as the waste or water flows through the line.
It is to prevent siphoning if your thru-hull or Seacock fails and your toilet or holding tank is below the water line.
When your toilet is below the water line and you’re using raw water (meaning the supply water is being pulled to the toilet from the outside of the boat. E.g. lake water / sea water).
You would also use a Vented Loop if your holding tank is below the water line and you do not have a discharge pump that would prevent backflow that could result in siphoning.
If your toilet is below water line you would install the Vented Loop in the line between the toilet pump and the bowl. It would NOT go in the intake line.
The vented loop allows air into the line and your pump would not be able to pull water to the toilet because it would be pulling air in from the vent portion of the loop
(not being able to create a suction for the water supply)

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